Physical States of Matter

  • What we see, feel and breath

  • Take a deep breath. Feel that? That was the feeling of several elements bombarding your system. Now touch something, notice a large difference? The air is virtually weightless and unseeable, what you touched is exactly the opposite, hard and heavy. What if I told you that the difference between those two items could be as little as a single proton, neutron and electron? Would you believe me? What if I included the fact that if we were to subtract another proton, neutron and electron you might get a liquid? Confused? Join the club. Granted this only really occurs in one spot, bromine - kryton - rubidium. The fact is that this is a fairly common occurence in the periodic table, albeit more normally adding 2 of each instead of one. What causes this haphazard change of state with so little actual change? Of course, if the change were greater, this might be understandable.
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