Free Energy

  • The Perpetual Machine, can it be built?

  • Free energy, this elusive idea has been one of the most highly sought after prizes in modern chemistry and physics. Akin to the alchemists of the dark ages, scientists around the world have debated on the possibility that somewhere out there is a solution that could solve the world energy problems. Many believe that this discovery will be a perpetual motion machine, creating free energy With the discovery of a perpetual energy source that could output the same amount of energy as was given to it, the world would no longer need such vices as oil and gas. A simple contraption could produce enough power to keep New York City alight forever! This would all be possible with the creation of a free energy machine. Up till this point some believe that this is something that could never actually exist, much like the turning of lead into gold by the alchemists of the dark ages. They ignore the fact that the information around them states otherwise. Mathematics and physics both contain equations that display that this could be theoretically possible, but the sheer magnitude of the project leads many to disbelieve that it could be done. But it is worth mentioning that even though the early alchemists were never able to discover how to turn lead into gold, we have accomplished that feat with modern science (the cost of creating it is more the gold would be worth unfortunately). Free energy on the other hand would be unlimited and priceless. The only real question is how to do it?
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