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The Designer hereinto known as Nathan Takes Full Credit for everything the guy evaluating the site, hereinto known as Gary likes. Everything that said Gary does not like was the idea of the cat. I repeat, the cat made Nathan do it. Nothing but the design should be taken seriously as Nathan is slightly crazy. Luckily Designers are notoriously crazy. All complaints can be sent to the cat. All compliments and Donations to the Designer can be sent to here. Thank you for your support and cooperation.


ps I dont like the color scheme on the sides, that will probably be changed to extend the head graphic at some point. Also, no links work as this is all that has been completed.

pss I updated it again so the above ps isn't quite right. I now like the colors and the side graphics. As you can see the sides are extensions of the top instead of the ugly green they were before. I think this will be what the site looks like until I come up with a better idea. Next is typing up all of the info. yay!

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